il. The Guardian: Betty Dodson in the 1960s

Masturbation: the secret to a long life

... Although she was described as one of the "early feminists" by Gloria Steinem, she felt out of place in the consciousness-raising groups of the time. "I always thought sex was a top-priority issue," she says, pouring herself a whisky. "Feminists like Gloria Steinem thought it was private." (She chuckles, "I love Gloria. I used to call her 'the general'.")

Dodson has a mouth like a sailor and the easy manner of a wisecracking Scorsese character. She looks incredible, with a zest for life that belies her age. She credits "masturbation, pot and raw garlic".

Jaaaaaaaaaaaa. Eso. Love Betty. A meterse mano, nenes, si no tienen mano ajena, que es salud, able y todo lo demás.


Miguel Iturralde said...

porque manuela no me pelea...

sonora y matancera said...

jaaaa, esa manuela es muy amable y bien llevada, una maravilla. gracias, Miguel, me gusta Harlow y la canción, un clásico salsero.