había una vez una flaca luz...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLACA... y que tu luz siga creciendo, porque la oscuridad no puede ser eterna, y más importante aún... no debe ser eterna.


There is light on Earth: Night and day. Darkness and light. Ignorance and reason. Oppression and freedom. Opposites are at the focus of the new ad campaign of Artemide, whose messages and products have been concentrated, for many years now, on the concept of “Human Light”.

This year Artemide launches five lamps that cast their light on six portraits of very well known, somewhat renowned, or unknown people, different but sharing something deep: a life spent, out of choice or of need, struggling to protect their own ideals – or their own existence.

Artemide leads us through the halls of an ideal show, where light is opposed to darkness that tries to prevail over it and erase it. And where the portraits of Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Yoani Sanchez, Anisgul, Mohammed and Ghesce Yesce Tobden. All these stories convey the same message – there is nothing more luminous than human life.

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