@Time: Disliking HRC

@medium: Your gleeful liberal takedown of Hillary Clinton is affirming institutional sexism

@Ms. ...how to tell if your dislike for HRC is sexist

"... when there are other reasons beyond race that can be used to justify discriminatory behavior, racism will rear its ugly head. For example, an aversive racist might say that it’s not that they have a problem with blacks, they just want to live in a safe neighborhood. Thus, crime and safety become the explanations for refusals to live among blacks, even those of their own income class. ...I have thought often about whether a similar process is happening with Clinton—a form of aversive sexism happening among Democrats and the political left..."

I'm shocked by all the vitriol slammed on Hillary Clinton coming from the BernieBros and BernieChicks, so similar to the loud-mouth Trumpetillas in their ignorant support of the Duck... the poorest of the poor supporting a lying billionaire, go figure. Among them, I see women, girlie-girls, so many. What a total f*up scenario... and I want to feel that they have a right to be this idiotic, freedom of speech and all, but of lately, I'm just fed up. Not at my expense, kiddies, hell no. I'm not letting anyone get away with all this bs, so i'm constantly arguing with whomever spits the Bern shit at me. I am mainly appalled at the ignorance, which I always knew existed, but it is even being shown by so called "liberals" and people I know, and in such a sexist, disgusting manner... so no, not at my expense... SIGUE / CONT.


tomado del muro de un amigo en FB (EHB, estudioso de la poesía y cultura japonesa): "Hoy me enteré de que hay un curioso fenómeno atmosférico, las 'nubes sombrero de bambú' (kasagumo), que se forman cerca del monte Fuji... Son parte de las muy poéticas 'fuyu no kumo' o 'fuyugumo' (nubes de invierno), que por supuesto, la poesía japonesa diferencia de las múltiples formas nubosas de otras estaciones". 

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