whOWnSher:::Vivian Maier@China

ah, the Vivian Maier  phenomenon... it keeps growing, merging deeper into that gray status of "it's complicated" as she no longer has a voice, just her images, floating up for grabs... and interpretations.

my friend, photographer and Northwestern University professor Pamela Bannos (at left during her participation this past month in the conference 
China - Moment of Vivian Maier at Shandong University of Art and Design) has researched Maier at length, as she is in the process of writing a book about Maier with a working title of Vivian Maier Project. as explained by Bannos in multiple articles and interviews, her intention is to tell the story of this mystery woman as a dedicated photographer, whose previously unknown and very numerous photographs have, without doubt, earned her a posthumous reputation as perhaps one of the most accomplished street photographers of the 20th century.

through new findings in her research, newfound family links, etc., Bannos intents to show that Maier was indeed a passioned, disciplined photographer who happened to earn her living as a nanny, not the other way around, which has been the norm accepted until now... that she was just a nanny whose hobby was photography.

this link is an informative Rivet Radio interview of Pamela Bannos: Who owns late photographer Vivian Maier's work?  

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