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"... when there are other reasons beyond race that can be used to justify discriminatory behavior, racism will rear its ugly head. For example, an aversive racist might say that it’s not that they have a problem with blacks, they just want to live in a safe neighborhood. Thus, crime and safety become the explanations for refusals to live among blacks, even those of their own income class. ...I have thought often about whether a similar process is happening with Clinton—a form of aversive sexism happening among Democrats and the political left..."

I'm shocked by all the vitriol slammed on Hillary Clinton coming from the BernieBros and BernieChicks, so similar to the loud-mouth Trumpetillas in their ignorant support of the Duck... the poorest of the poor supporting a lying billionaire, go figure. Among them, I see women, girlie-girls, so many. What a total f*up scenario... and I want to feel that they have a right to be this idiotic, freedom of speech and all, but of lately, I'm just fed up. Not at my expense, kiddies, hell no. I'm not letting anyone get away with all this bs, so i'm constantly arguing with whomever spits the Bern shit at me. I am mainly appalled at the ignorance, which I always knew existed, but it is even being shown by so called "liberals" and people I know, and in such a sexist, disgusting manner... so no, not at my expense... SIGUE / CONT.

I like Bernie, but he's not a good candidate for president of the USA. That to me is clear. He's a great fool on the hill, the liberal grandpa from the sixties, Jewish-funny and so on. He was and is a rebel, sort of. I applaud his attitude and perseverance in politics. He has fought the battle his way, and now, with unrealistic promises, he has gotten the attention and support from young millennial machitos and nenas-so-dumb as to say con cara-de-palo they are not feminists, that they don't need to be. I pause and look at them in disbelief. Yes, I applaud their Chicago protest vs. Trump and the fact that they shut him up. I was proud of them, as much as I realized they were depriving the opponent of his "freedom of speech," which he only uses to insult, attack, denigrate, and to mainly spread hate... so, ok, I can live with the fact the kids payed him back with the same venom-medicine.

However, I believe Bernie too saw an opportunity to bank on that famous "dislike" many Americans feel for Clinton, the bitch-mother-effect, basically based on appearances and hear-say, or just plain and simple for being an ambitious woman, when he decided to run against her. Fair enough, perhaps, but... so what if she had to play in the boy's club and get dirty with them, as Bernie has done as well. But the baby-idealists he is attracting don't see that. He is the jovial, rebel grandpa. She is the bitch, rich, powerful woman. So these so-called hipsters... alabadus! I detest their arrogance at judging her, in spite of all her sacrifices along the way, all the years of being the smartest first lady, senator, secretary of state and having to please the public with the coloring of her hair! So they chose HOpebama and now, the Bern. Bah, test them and they won't even know wtf happened ten years ago, much less how feminism came about and how hard the fight has been, for we are still fighting it, everywhere. I look at them and see their muslim-like beards... and, what's up with that... stockholm syndrome my ass... don't they realize what muslim religious fanatics are doing to women all over the world? what is the point of looking like them? 

So... am i just getting old, I ask myself, worried. I have always felt young at heart, progressive, liberal... bocazas que nunca se calla la boca... I have always fought for my principles, were they lost causes or not. And on this presidential election, no-oh-no, Hillary Clinton should not be a lost cause. She is the best candidate: prepared, experienced, liberal, anti-gun, gay-friendly, intelligent... and a woman. If elected, she'll be the first woman president of this my real country, and to say that in the 21st  century should cause major shame on this puritanical, idiotic, sexist, ignorant, racist but great country. Yes, great. Grrrreat.

So, my hipster example at hand: Few weeks ago I was in Miami, at a family reunion. the son of a relative, 19... comes to me, cariñoso. He likes me, I'm weird enough, and I have always gotten along with him. Hey, M... feeling the Bern?, he asks and smiles. I like this kid, who now is sporting a black beard a-lo-musulmán. Yeah, he's artistic, tempting the devil like a few in our family, us the funky type. I smile. No, papito, feeling the Clinton. He makes a disappointed face... Noooo, he says, we need a revolution. I roll my eyes... we did in 1776, but now, no, I add, we need people willing to work and take on the challenges to come. I know that he has not worked much through high school nor college as I did, working every free hour and saving every penny.  C'monM, gotta be an idealist, he said. But I am, i answered. Let me tell you about idealism and believing in principles: in the mid 80s, Reagan had won his second term by a landslide. As I drove to vote, from the city to the suburb where I was registered, all the radio stations were saying he had won. I was pissed, but I continued to drive and I finally did vote for the democratic team of Mondale/Ferraro. The workers looked at me in disbelief... we lost, they said. I know, I said. I knew it was all lost, but not to me. This kid looked at me. Really? Yes, I said. See, I knew why I needed to vote for a woman as vice president then, and I know why I need to vote for a woman as president now. But she and Wall Street..., he said. Papito, we live in a capitalist country,  the day that changes, we need to move somewhere else. So, do you really know why you wanna vote for Sanders? He shrugged... well, free... Yeah, I said... if you believe there will be a free ride on anything, you are in for a bitter awakening. ah M, let me dream, he said. Ok, sure, I said, but not at my expense... Will you vote for Clinton if Sanders doesn't make it? Probably not, he said, nonchalant. See, I said, as I caressed his long hair (I'm sure he is going to be bald someday, but I just didn't want to deflate his balloon any more): that is the Bern-effect problem... your fanatic ignorance will risk that a troglodyte such as Trump get elected over Clinton. 

For that is my biggest fear, plain and simple. This surreal BS revolution these young things desire and the gross explosion of the uneducated, vulgar mad-white-males and females  (who are mad because...? we had a class-act black president during the last eight years? someone whom the history books will remember for centuries to come when the robber-baron tactics of Trump and the tricky-dicky republican party are long forgotten) is all based on fanatism. Both groups react as such, fanatics of their one leader... something that American politics should never be about. Never. So no, I do not want our future, our lives at the hand of these ignorant kids (some voting for the first time) and retrogrades at the expense of the best candidate that has ever run for the presidency of this country. And no, I am not being a fanatic. If she does not make it, I'd vote for Sanders. But she should, make it. Hell, yeah. 

(the articles links above hit this phenom on point... la hipocresía liberal es feroz... yes, indeed. sadly, on-your-face liberals tend to be very hypocritical about these typical racism/sexism issues...)


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¡bravo! como siempre, un estilete del más fino acero toledano para tus escribanías. saludos.

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gracias MI. lo colgué anoche de prisa y hoy lo pulí. de verdad que me está dando miedo todo esto... en fin... saludos