LimPlamPjustAmplusLump: theDecisiveMoment

I feared so very much that the Noguchi lamp would catch fire it so amplus ample round standing there lit up for hours days nights just watching us move about but I never said so because 

the fire within is never without 

motive and then simply my voice limp from all subsequent sorrow; besides, its faded translucent light projecting cloudy rice paper shadows--on the walls black and floors wooden as all the heavy red doors so shiny closed tightly--was plainly

that moment beyond beauty bursting broken into useless pieces of line and form

and I just thought torpid slow my body silent desintegrating echo chanting let it burn let her burn let us burn and made no attempt to say explain screech even whisper because understanding the brittle spectacle of such light then would have hurt deeper

rooted abysmally profound where the deepest fire within is without traces of form in blurry uneven lines hardly freshly drawn veins just merely scratched upon in that decisive moment so eerily long ago

 © om ulloa


Anonymous said...

Very nice love the flowers. Are you coming?

sonora y matancera said...

thanks... love those winter blooms, they make all the difference... coming where?