If you haven’t heard of Catherine Robbe-Grillet, you haven’t been Googling “dominatrix” enough. Robbe-Grillet, the widow of writer and filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet, is France’s most famous dominatrix, but she started by being his submissive wife, and agreeing, not signing, to a legal contract of prostitution. Eso, dale, y dale con ganas.

El País: La gran ‘benefactora’ del sexo con fustas y azotes

“La comparación que me gusta hacer es la de la ceremonia del té. Si va a Japón, a un templo, verá que es toda una ceremonia en la que cada gesto está codificado y todo es muy refinado”, explica. “Eso es lo que hago yo: transformar algo que podría ser banal en algo que no lo es para nada. Y, sobre todo, intento que se entre en una experiencia casi mística: para ello la música es básica”.

Vanity Fair: Legal Contract Between a Famous French Novelist And His Submissive Wife

6. It is of the greatest possible importance to the husband that, for the duration of these distractions, his wife remain exposed and open to him at all times. Unless otherwise instructed, the least pressure of his fingers shall be interpreted as an invitation to render herself even more accessible, or to offer her husband a better view of any area he might wish to see, caress or torment. Above all, each of the body's natural orifices should be exposed and easily accessible - insofar as this is possible - in order to facilitate penetration. This rule shall be respected at all times, even in the event of severe pain which might, momentarily, divert the young woman's attention from any erotic whims to which, simultaneously, she must deliver herself. Furthermore, when her mouth or hands are required to fondle him, it shall be expected of her that she apply the greatest possible diligence to this task, regardless of whether the position in which she finds herself, or the torments to which she must submit, make the performance of her carnal duties arduous.

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