1. Suren Manvelyan, Armenia: Eye of a 16-year-old boy in Yerevan. In this highly magnified view of his iris’s surface architecture, the central black pool is the pupil, and his lashes are reflected by the cornea. His eyelids appear as pink rims at top and bottom.

2. Kacper Kowalsk, Poland: Shadows lengthen near sunset in spring fields near Nowe. The photographer paraglided over Pomerania to get this abstract shot: a brushstroke of red poppy weeds flowering amid green grain sprouts.

3. Caleb Charland, USA: Wedges of an orange generate enough current and electrical juice—3.5 volts—to power an LED. The fruit’s citric acid helps electrons flow from galvanized nails to copper wire in this 14-hour exposure. 

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