poetwit 3

Pope no more y se acabó
but to hold on to go on speculation 
sin salud con falsas matrices
this stench of evil singalong
sin sin y con con
campañas de difamación
I am not foul* Mr Pope I am not
like you but I am not foul
not indeed not a spoiled seedy
sin in me not even with you 
gone and many more to come

poetwit 3
© om ulloa

(poetwit: series of headlines posted on twitter omualmagated to compose poetwits)

'I'm not foul Mr. Carson. I'm not the same as you, but I'm not foul.' PBS: Downton Abbey Season 3, episode 6

Shakespeare: As You Like It, Act III, scene 3
  • AudreyWould you not have me honest?
  • TouchstoneNo, truly, unless thou wert hard-favour'd; for honesty
    coupled to beauty is to have honey a sauce to sugar.
  • AudreyWell, I am not fair; and therefore I pray the gods make me
  • TouchstoneTruly, and to cast away honesty upon a foul slut were
    to put good meat into an unclean dish.
  • AudreyI am not a slut, though I thank the gods I am foul.
  • TouchstoneWell, praised be the gods for thy foulness;
    sluttishness may come hereafter. But be it as it may be, I will
    marry thee; and to that end I have been with Sir Oliver Martext,
    the vicar of the next village, who hath promis'd to meet me in
    this place of the forest, and to couple us.

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