I don't know about you, pero every time I hear someone refer to me as "Hispanic" or "Latino," me dan ganas de meterle una pata por culo a alguien. My response is always the same (unless its la mona): I'm a Cuban American, you comemierda!

Oye, the only thing that makes me more proud than being a Miamian is the fact that I am Cuban American. I don't appreciate the fact that the status quo has made it appropriate to use an umbrella term to describe my cultural background. The words "Latino" and "Hispanic" are xenophobic cojones, and I'm sick and tired of people calling me that shit! Today's blog is dedicated to showing you why you shouldn't put up with it either!

"Latino" and "Hispanic"? El coño tu madre! ...

MORE @MiamiNewTimes: PART 1 Pepe Billete: "I'm Not a Latino, I'm Not a Hispanic, I'm a Cuban American!"
Part 2

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