it´s a party

found on the web: Cuban Party Invitation

Saturday, 7:30 PM
You are invited to our 10th annual Cuban Party where we will try, once again, to instill the best qualities of Cuban culture - food, music, drinks & dance - into an event. It's also a wonderful excuse for a party and a handy thematic. 

Dress: Here's the scene: Fidel Castros mixing with Carmen Mirandas, 1950's Havana casino types in white dinner jackets, beach and pier bums, plantation owners, Poppa Hemingways, island girls, sports fishermen and one Elian (assuming my friend Andy P. does that whole “little boy” shorts & T-shirt thing again.) Me? I'll be resplendent in a new white dinner jacket (the old one got so pitted-out from the previous years' parties that I had to finally part with it - look for it on eBay - "lightly used...white dinner jacket...No Reserve.."). So, I'll have that whole Fredo Corleone/Cesar Romero thing going on. As for Laura, eye balls will be clicking at the sight of her Carmen Miranda inspired hat that is so jammed with fruit and feather and theme that the weight of it would break the neck of a Vegas show girl, but Laura somehow pulls it off. That, plus a smart outfit that screams color and fun. (God knows what the shoes will be like).

So there, quite a funky "handy thematic" ... FCs by the pound, Carmen Miranda by the kilo (who is not even Cuban), casino types, island girls, one Elian... 

a veces, muchas veces, me pregunto cómo es que nos pasó todo esto y bueno, sólo tengo que surfear un rato y splish, splash... the answer is soon blowin´ in the wind...

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