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A 'Space' That's Filled by History's Shadow

"Space, Unlimited" at the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC

reseña del Washington Post

... Head upstairs to the museum's second floor for the exhibition's standout: a glorious extravagance of an installation called "Spring Sprang Sprung." (The piece alone justifies a visit.) A massive tree-shaped sculpture by artist-duo Guerra de la Paz (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz, both Cuban-born and now living in Miami)...

Back to "Spring Sprang Sprung." This rich, bewildering artwork is the best kind of political art -- stealthy in its opinion but firm in its conviction. And, like the best works in the history of landscape -- I'm thinking of Nicolas Poussin's Arcadian revels or John Constable's anti-Industrial Revolution pastorals -- it's about more than just the shrubbery...

Touché, boys.... ¡pa´lante!

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